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About us

Our Story

Who is behind Kikoru, the fashion price comparison? Kikoru is a startup company located in Dusseldorf. From here, our team works on building and optimizing the fashion price comparison Kikoru. Kikoru always find your favorite clothes, favorite bags and favorite accessories at the best price.

Kikoru was founded in 2017 by friends and bargain hunters Kitiya Kleebsamut, Christian Schmidt and Simone Spicks. We met each other at the same workplace about 10 years ago and share a passion for fashion and technology. One evening, having dinner together and after a few glasses of wine and gin & tonic, we realized that while we all spend a lot of time for looking and choosing fashion items but we often do not buy them at the best price. And so Kitiya came up with the idea: Why do not we make our own page? A price comparison for fashion and bags and shoes and everything that goes with it !? "And so Kikoru was born.

What makes Kikoru different?

"Find your favorite at the best price" Is our mission.
Our goal is that you can always find your desired items quickly and easily online with just a few mouse clicks. You can filter by different criteria such as category, brand and shop. We are working to expand our offer and relevant information and partners for you. It is also important for us that the results are always independent and transparent. Therefore, the purchase is not handled directly by Kikoru, but by the shops directly. Our remuneration is accordingly commissioned by our partners. For you, the use of our site is always free!

You will never pay too much for a piece of desire online, but you will find the best offers directly from us, at Kikoru.